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Value Added Benefits

Offering value added benefits on products / services to future customers when they buy from you, is an effective marketing strategy to entice customers. By offering value added incentives you can reduce discounting thus maintaining price integrity. A good will gesture often results in repeat business and referrals.

A member can use trade dollars to buy incentives or they could offer the customer the opportunity to select a gift from a variety of options purchased from other Bartercard members.


A restaurant had noticed that the average spend per table had been steadily decreasing and more and more people were bringing in their own wine. After speaking with their Trade Broker they identified a number of wine suppliers they could start purchasing from. They then created a special offer whereby any table that ordered two or more Entrée’s and Mains would receive a free bottle of White or Red wine. They then supplied the wine they had purchased on Bartercard and effectively increased their cash turnover by investing a small amount of Trade Dollars.


Tendering With Trade

Normally in the cash economy when you are looking to outsource large jobs you would send out a request for tender.
The request for tender will outline the requirements of the job for businesses to consider before tendering. By advertising the need for Bartercard to be part of the tender you can ensure a cash saving.


A large multinational Bartercard member had a number of supplier contracts up for renewal and due to go out to tender. Bartercard educated the member on how to introduce Trade Dollars into the tendering process to secure long term spending opportunities. This clause is now included in all their tender documents to both current & potential new suppliers. 

Bartercard is mentioned at the start of the tender document in the following manner. “A percentage of the tender price will be paid in Bartercard Trade Dollars. For more information on how Bartercard can help you win this tender please call…” This business has so far awarded 2 tenders and will spend T$200K p.a. - Directly saving them cash. 

This Member is now using the ‘Winning Cash Contracts Trading Tip’ to attract some targeted new ‘cash economy’ customers by offering to accept a percentage in Trade Dollars.


Winning Cash Contracts

In the cash economy you’re competing with numerous other businesses to win cash contracts. To ensure a sale is more attractive to a prospective cash paying customer, you can opt to accept part or full payment in goods & services.


A water cooler company wanted to secure a long term contract with a major retail chain but there were two companies vying for the work. The water cooler company offered to take the first years payment in vouchers from the retail chain.

The Bartercard member secured the contract, as the retailer could see that they were getting a discount equal to their gross profit margin by paying with their product and that they were guaranteed to get the cost of the first years coolers back through the door in sales.

The Bartercard member then sold the vouchers through the Bartercard membership and used the funds to reduce their cash expenses.


Staff Bonuses and Incentives

Do you have staff that can directly affect your bottom line by how well or how fast they do their job?
Do you have staff members that go the extra mile for your business? However, you don’t currently have the cash resources to increase wage or salary packages to reflect their importance to your business?
Share the benefits of the extra business you receive through Bartercard by using Trade Dollars as bonus payments, incentive schemes or a salary/wage increase.


A printing company was feeling the effects of the competition and were seeing their margins decreasing.  It was hard to keep the margins in the jobs they previously did and still retain the business. The only way to increase their profit was to fit more jobs in during the day but without hiring more staff. After discussions with their Trade Broker on how Bartercard could help they introduced a productivity bonus for their staff.  All jobs were quoted with a margin of wastage; the team was then challenged to reduce any/all wastage from the jobs they were working on.  This was then measured and any reduction in cost was then shared amongst the team as a profit share bonus that was paid in trade dollars to their Bartercard Staff Accounts.


Selling Excess Stock

You may find your business is stuck with excess or slow inventory. You can either start to discount the inventory, reducing the perceived value of the inventory and risking a potential price war with competitors, or, by selling the excess inventory through the Bartercard exchange you can receive Trade Dollars as payment and use it to pay for items needed by the business.


A Bartercard member had a significant amount of excess stock in the form of outdoor furniture that they were struggling to move. They were also paying cash for a warehouse which was storing all the outdoor furniture. The member ran a 2 day sale which was promoted to Bartercard members and managed to clear over 90% of the stock which in turn immediately started saving on storage costs. They then started to use the Trade Dollars they earned from the idle stock to pay everyday business expenses.

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