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Clear excess stock

Sell excess stock without the need to discount heavily, which can result in reducing perceived value and risking a potential price war with competitors.

“The pre-Christmas trade shows have been a fantastic avenue to move on the seasonal stock changes from our fashion brands”. Margaret Lusty, Lusty’s Showcase Jewellery

By selling excess contra or slow moving inventory through the Bartercard community, members can receive Trade Dollars as payment and then in turn spend the Trade Dollars on goods and services for their business.


Fill business down time

Bartercard helps companies put inventory, equipment and employees to good use, converting downtime and spare capacity (think: businesses who experience seasonal markets) into new revenue which would not have been available otherwise. It also provides a system to put that excess to use in profitable ways.

“Every business has spare capacity from time to time. We want to make sure our staff always have work to do rather than sitting around doing nothing and still getting paid.” Doyle Trinh, Best Tax Ltd

Free Quick Guide - Utilise Your Excess Stock


Having too much excess stock or capacity ties up capital and can restrict you from investing in things you actually need.

This is where we can help. We've created this free resource to help you re-think your approach to reducing your excess stock so you can grow your business. 



Free Quick Guide - Do Discount Models Attract The Right Sort of Customer?


Every business owner wants to attract new customers, however is discounting and offering vouchers the best approach?

This is where we can help. We've created this free resource to help you re-think your approach to discounting and vouchers in order to grow your customer base and business. 



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Are You Paying For Discounting? 

With such fierce competition and all consumers looking to bag a bargain, it’s no wonder they turn to discount websites such as GrabOne, TreatMe and Groupon for offers. Why wouldn’t you? But as a merchant and small business owner, have you worked out the real cost of discounting and the impact it has on your business? Daily deal websites charge a fee of approximately 15-20% of the sale price and stipulate that the offer presented must be at least 50% off the original sale price. 

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What is a Trade Exchange?

A trade exchange can be defined as a community or association of businesses trading goods and services using mutual credit outside of the cash economy. Although the concept of barter is thousands of years old, bartering through a trade exchange combines modern technology, a community of businesses, and marketing channels to increase profits through new customers and improved cash flow.

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