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How Bartercard Works...


As a member you are part of an enormous community of businesses that are all taking unfilled capacity within their businesses and realise this with the help of Bartercard, using an electronic currency called a Trade Dollar.
One Trade Dollar is equivalent to one New Zealand Dollar for all accounting and taxation purposes. 

They then take these Trade Dollars and use them to offset cash expenses within their business.

Overall Impact: Increased Revenue, Improved Cashflow and Increased Profits.

Assuming your current cash business is already covering your fixed overheads (like rent & wages), and you have the capacity to take on new business, the only cost to you in supplying a Bartercard member is your product replacement/variable cost.

This means that when you make a purchase using Trade Dollars (T$) you are effectively getting a discount equal to your Gross Profit Margin.

When you spend cash there is no guarantee of the return. With the Trade Dollar you know that each time you spend, it will come back to you in the form of new business from another Bartercard member.

Bartercard members are motivated to utilise your goods and services because they are paying with their Gross Profit Margin just like you, saving them cash every time they spend.

The new customers generated by Bartercard will be incremental (on top of) your existing cash business, therefore not interfering with your existing business model.

Bartercard aims to increase your business by 5-15% and increase your net cash profit!

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